What is Web Automation? How Does UiPath Web Automation Work?

What is web automation? How does UiPath web automation work?

What is automation on the web?

Web automation is the idea of using automation tools and software robots to automate repetitive processes and tasks, like filling out long forms or scraping content from web pages. Robotic process automation, a type of software robot, is the key to automating these repetitive tasks. RPA technology is easy to build, deploy, and manage the software that mimics how humans interact with digital systems and software. To get in-depth knowledge in web automation, fetch with UiPath Training in Chennai for getting comprehensive knowledge.

What are the pros of automating the web?

With web automation, a company can give boring, repetitive, or low-value tasks to automation software. This gives employees more time and energy to spend on more interesting, rewarding, and high-value tasks.

Web-based systems are used in a lot of processes and applications today. The data that goes into these systems is often very detailed and takes a long time to process. But getting the needed data into these systems often requires repetitive tasks and human interaction, such as putting new leads from a spreadsheet into a customer relationship management (CRM) web application.

Web automation can take away the need for people to do these low-value tasks, which can help streamline processes and save time.

A HfS survey of 400 enterprise organisations found that automation’s most common benefits are better operations, more flexible workers, and more accurate data.

What web tasks can you do automatically?

With this developing technology, you can automate almost any manual data entry or capture task that involves web browsers and web elements within an application, no matter how simple or complicated it is. Some common examples include:

  • Filling out online forms for the process of getting new employees up and running
  • Doing the first check on job applicants to make sure they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Having a set answer to the same customer questions that come up often.
  • Putting test data into a new web page or app to make unit testing more reliable
  • Putting in the variables needed to make and send out a monthly report
  • At set times, look up and report on specific information, such as the weather in a certain place.
  • Getting structured data from a spreadsheet, improving or validating it, and then sending it to another application.

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How does web automation with UiPath work?

Software robots, like people, can understand what’s on a screen, press the right keys, move around in a system, find and pull out data, and do a wide range of other tasks. But software robots can do it quick and better than people because they don’t get tired, make mistakes, or need coffee breaks.

Web automation with UiPath uses a built-in recorder that can read and do web-based tasks. The technology works with HTML, Flash, AJAX, Java, Silverlight, and PDF. It finds web elements by their attributes and manipulates them correctly while keeping up with changes to the website.

It works with all websites, no matter how complicated, and you can put it on different machines on the network remotely.

The RPA in UiPath web automation depends on two core features, which are:

The ability for business users to set up automation with instructions that are not programmatic. The ability to record and imitate human actions, decisions, rules, and exceptions.

The graphical workflow designer is easy to use and doesn’t require you to know how to code. This is more crucial because it means that the person who is already doing the task and knows the steps and process is the best person to create the automation without knowing how to code.

With 100% playback accuracy, you always get great results, no matter what browser version, screen position, or size you use. By using UiPath to automate web-based workflows, you can7 make sure that accuracy needs are met. More importantly, you save time and money. For example, Dentsu saved more than 125,000 hours on a project to move their data. 

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