Introduction To AWS Storage Services

Introduction To AWS Storage Services

In this blog, we will have an Introduction To AWS Storage Services. The AWS storage services is one of the most widely used storage services which is used by most no of companies. These companies range from startups to top MNCs. This is due to the scalability, data availability, security & performance. If you want to become an AWS developer and interested to know about AWS Concepts, then taking AWS Training in Bangalore will be very helpful.

In AWS, the S3 is used as storage for various AWS services like Code commit, Streaming service and also many more. Below we will look at different types of storage services in AWS.

Types of AWS Storage Services :

The AWS system offers different types of storage services that contain choices for backup, archiver and recovery of lost data. There are different types of storage services. Below we will look at them one by one below.

1.Simple Storage Services:

Amazon S3 is an object storage service which can store any type of data. With the helps of this service, we can able to store data for various applications such as web, mobile applications, backup, archive and analytics too. A simple storage can provide easy access control management for all the necessary requirements. These services can be used to store all types of formats with a dropbox. To learn about these services in-depth, enrolling on certification on  AWS Course in Bangalore will be very helpful.

2.Elastic Block Storage :

This Elastic Block Storage is shortly referred to as “EBS”. This storage provides block services that are equivalent to a hard drive for storing any data persistently. The storage can be used as block storage, which we can install in any operating system. These EBS are usually used in the available zone where they are replicated to prevent data loss due to single component failures. The EBS usually provides low-latency performance where you can even scale up or even down your resources whenever required. If you are looking for Best AWS Training in Bangalore, then FITA Academy would be a perfect choice.

3.Elastic File System :

The Elastic File System is shortly referred to as EFS, which is easy to set up from amazon. The EFS helps in providing multiple EC 2 instances which are needed to access the same file system. The cost of EFS is a little higher than EBS, where it can be used on substantial analytical workloads.

Conclusion :

As we have seen the types of services provided by AWS, there are various services offered by AWS for the organization’s growth. Due to the tremendous growth of AWS in the industry AWS Developer Salary For Freshers ranges from 2 to 3 lakhs. So to head your career in Cloud Computing, you can learn AWS and explore your career.