The services and Tools for AWS Data Science

The services and Tools for AWS Data Science

AWS is a comprehensive cloud platform service provided by Amazon. It offers database storage, networking, email, mobile development, remote computing, content distribution, security, and other services that help in the growth of enterprises. If you want to learn more about tools and services for AWS Data Science, join the Best AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy where you can improve your knowledge about AWS.

Services and Tools for AWS Data Science

Tools that are used for AWS Data Science

AWS provides an extensive variety of tools to assist data scientists in streamlining their work. Due to their numerous advantages, data scientists frequently use these technologies. Some tools are listed below. 

  • Data Storage:

Amazon Redshift can be used by data scientists. It enables you to run complicated queries on both structured and unstructured data.  AWS glue is another data-related tool that allows analysts and data scientists to manage and search for relevant data. 

  • Machine Learning:

Amazon offers Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed machine learning solution. It enables the data scientist to execute it on Amazon EC2. This technology is used by data scientists to design, train, and deploy machine learning models as well as expand commercial operations.

  • Analytics:
  1. Amazon Athena is a query service that analyzes data stored in Amazon S3 or Glacier. Standard SQL queries are used to operate it. 
  2. Amazon Kinesis accumulates and analyzes real-time streaming data. 

Services Offered by AWS Data Science

The following are the important AWS data science services that any data scientist must use for seamless data science with AWS. You can join AWS Online Training to learn about all the fundamentals of AWS.

  • Amazon EMR

It’s an AWS data science platform that makes it simple to run and handle large data frameworks like Spark, Hadoop, and Apache. Processing massive data is made easier for data scientists.

  • AWS Glue

The data is managed by an ETL service called AWS Glue. Data scientists may transfer, clean, and classify data using this service, which is affordable. AWS Glue is well-suited for dealing with semi-structured data, as it provides dynamic frames that can be used in ETL scripts.

  • Amazon Sagemaker  

This fully managed MLOps solution helps create and train machine learning (ML) models for easy deployment to the real world. SageMaker includes ML algorithms that can manage large amounts of data in dispersed contexts.

  • Amazon Kinesis 

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is a fully managed service that manages live video streaming to the AWS Cloud. After uploading video data to the cloud, you can store and view video content. Not only that, but you can process them in real time for greater results.

  • Amazon Quicksight

Mobile and network devices can easily access QuickSight dashboards. It is a fully managed, cloud-based business intelligence service that brings together data from several sources and displays it on a single dashboard.


The market is currently being driven by data, which is growing bigger. Every business and application is increasing and expanding globally as a result of the high cloud migration rate. Join AWS Training in Bangalore which will enable you to develop your career and improve your prospects for a better AWS data science job.

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