Salesforce CRM Features and Benefits

Salesforce Features and Benefits

Salesforce Features and Benefits

Salesforce is among the most popular cloud-based CRM software suppliers in the world market. It was developed to be used for marketing, service, and sales. Salesforce CRM is designed to be used for sales, marketing, and service. Salesforce CRM does not require any technical skills to set up and control the process. It changes the way companies interact with their customers through establishing an enduring connection. 

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Like no other CRM software, Salesforce is the ultimate solution for your company. Salesforce is loaded with all the features needed for running your business on an automated platform that is embedded with intelligence. salesforce features and benefits salesforce are described in the following sections:

Opportunity Management

The opportunity management is among of the Salesforce CRM’s most valuable advantages and features to search for. It allows you to see the time-line of activities of your clients. It also shows the various phases of a specific deal, which will help you decide on your next steps. Furthermore, you can look at the most important information on the activity timeline as well as the competition for your business. The templates are ready-made to make it easy to send emails to customers.

Quote Management

Salesforce CRM makes it easier to manage your business and sales processes by allowing forecasting and productivity monitoring. Management of quotes for products is made easy by this CRM program. It is easy to keep track of the products that are part of the contract, and it will include the typical price, the quantity, product code and price quoted. Additionally, you can determine the quantity and revenue schedules and reflect the terms of delivery and payment.

It is a Salesforce CRM app is featured with a built-in quoting system which automatically quotes customer data. It also generates a PDF of the template that has been approved and then sends it out via direct email to the client. It will let you know more about the deals sooner through real-time updates on Salesforce’s mobile app. Salesforce mobile application.

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Salesforce small Business

Salesforce provides Trailhead to help guide and develop small and new businesses. The application is built-in with intelligence and delivers top-of-the-line service for customers. With 360-degree views of customers, Trailhead catches data automatically from support channels, emails and calendars.

There’s a setup assistant to respond to customer inquiries promptly. Startups can also benefit through the tutorials in the app. It also provides comprehensive information about all the Salesforce’s products. Salesforce such as CRM.

Lead Management

The lead management feature of Salesforce CRM is featured with an extensive timeline of activity. It allows access to up-to-date contacts in the timeline, based on the most effective practices for the industry. Additionally, it utilizes the sales pathway to analyze the pertinent documents. As a quick lead converter This CRM application informs users about the origin of leads.

The automatic emailing also boosts your revenue-generating mechanism. Every day, your inbox is filled with a myriad of emails. without a CRM system, it’s a tedious task to keep record of these. Salesforce CRM scores leads in real-time and automatically assigns your most popular lead right away to the correct executive. This means you won’t be off track and make more money.


Salesforce mobile app Salesforce mobile app lets users access CRM information at any time and from any location. You can see events, meetings, and account changes at their convenience of their fingertips. Conference calls, as well as recording meeting notes is easy with the application. The offline update of data allows you to work without internet connection.

Get all the data in real-time which means you can conclude the deal quicker using the mobile app. Furthermore, you can interact with your team members via instant messaging. Document sharing and files is made simple by the application and allows you to work from any place.

Comprehensive Sales Forecasting

Salesforce CRM is a great tool to provide a comprehensive overview of your pipeline and what your company’s performance is in the marketplace. It tracks the path of leads through the pipeline and determines if they’ve reached their destination i.e. sales or not. After analyzing the data results, you can get a great forecasting of sales. It is possible to apply your best judgement to determine estimate the amount to be forecasted and then prepare your strategies according to the forecast.

This forecasting report allows you to identify the top performers on real-time leaderboards. Salesforce CRM simplifies complicated sales processes, ensuring the correct overlay process. It grants credit to the correct person, and allows them to see the forecast based on overlays.

Workflows and Approvals using Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce CRM automation offers a point-and-click interface to the users with a process builder. It helps automate your sales as well as your business process by automating the assigning of tasks and sending email alerts. It also suggests the next steps in the deal using built-in intelligence. The approval process for discount offers as well as travel and expense report have been automated by Salesforce CRM. Users can reply to such requests directly through Chatter.


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