Why Do People Choose Selenium With Python?

Selenium and Python Courses


Selenium is a powerful suite of technologies that enables the rapid construction of web application test automation. It begins with a set of testing functions that are specifically tailored to the essentials of web application testing. These functions are dependable, allowing for a variety of UI element positioning possibilities and a ratio of expected results to actual program behavior. It automates tests using a variety of scripting languages. Join Selenium Training in Chennai for the best testing knowledge.


Python is a high-level, object-oriented scripting language with a user-friendly interface. It makes use of simple English keywords that are easy to understand. When compared to other programming languages, it has a simple syntax. Join Python Training in Chennai to enhance your programming skills in python language.

Now proceeding to the topic of why Selenium is used with Python? Some of the deductions are noted here:

  • It’s simple to code and read.
  • When compared to other programmes, it runs quickly and has a colorful typing environment.
  • Python is a programming language that a large number of programmers are familiar with.
  • Python’s API makes it possible to connect to the browser using Selenium. The Python-Selenium binding provides a simple API for writing functional tests using Selenium WebDriver in a sensible manner. Furthermore, the binding provides a very convenient API for contacting Selenium WebDriver from browsers such as Firefox, Remore, and others.
  • When compared to other programming languages, the Python language is far less verbose and easier to use. It’s because of the Python API, which allows you to use Selenium to connect to the browser. Selenium can deliver common Python commands to a variety of browsers with ease, regardless of the browser’s design.
  • Because Python is a scripting language, there is no need to use a compiler to change code from lines to something that can be implemented and used.
  • Python is a quick language that uses indentation to start and end blocks. In comparison to other programming languages, it is quite basic and concise.
  • The Python programming language was created with a large community in mind, and it comes with an excellent support system. As a result, during Selenium with Python automated testing, the community acts as a welcome waggon for individuals who are absolutely new to the language.
  • The programming language is likewise open source and free to use. Anyone who requires it can readily get it and use it in any setting. The entire culture, as well as the communities that surround the language, are devoted to free software.
  • Along with all of the benefits listed above, another important reason to use Selenium with Python is the numerous tools available to extend it. WebDriver, the most significant tool for creating simple user interfaces, includes excellent Python bindings.

These are a few compelling reasons why, despite the availability of a large number of other scripting languages with similar capabilities, Selenium now primarily chooses Python as its scripting language.

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