What is PPC (Pay Per Click) in Digital Marketing?

What is PPC?


In this blog, we will discuss What is PPC?

Digital marketing has a great and successful future. Digital marketing has a few major benefits over traditional marketing that make it a cost-efficient and successful method of promoting the business. The range of digital marketing has enlarged in 2020 and 2021.

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What is PPC?

When users click on an advertiser’s ad, the ad company generates costs known as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. Marketers set bids based on their opinion of the worth of a click in light of the keywords, platforms, and the audience it came via.

The Basics

PPC is used to achieve different kinds of marketing objectives, such as:

  • Increasing sales
  • Generating leads
  • Promoting brand awareness

The key to PPC is relevancy. At each given time, users are looking for particular goods, services, and information. At the same time, this search is taking place, advertisers have the option of displaying a tailored advertisement. For instance, an advertiser may display an offer for “blue running shoes” if a user searches for that term.

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Main Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads is the major pay-per-click platform and is run on Google, Search Partner sites, and Display Network sites. In the past 17 years, Google Ads has undergone various revisions since its October 2000 launch. All types of content, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, are targets by Google Ads.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click system that shows ads on the Microsoft and Yahoo networks, much as Google Ads. Search Partners is in use by the site. Keyword-based ads make up the bulk of Microsoft Advertising. On the Bing Network, Microsoft Advertising had 137 million unique desktop searchers as of 2017*.

Account Structure

Campaigns and Ad Groups

The first step for advertisers is to select keyword themes and design unique advertisements. For instance, a PPC expert might develop a campaign using the theme “Coffee Tables.” Ad groupings, or themed subcategories, are present within this campaign. These ad groups could consist of:

  • Round coffee tables, 
  • oval coffee tables, and 
  • long coffee tables


Each keyword needs to have a match type assigned to it, which defines the searches for which advertising will appear. Seven different kinds of keyword matches exist:

Exact – The query must be entered precisely.

Exact (Close Variant) – The query must be entered precisely, although it is legal to use spelling errors or even other variations.

Phrase –  Even if there are some words before or after the question, the query must be put in the proper order.

Phrase (Close Variant) – Even if there are other terms before or after the question, they must be written in the proper order. The query may contain typos or more variations.

Broad – Query can be put in any order and may video ad for related terms.

Modified Broad – Query must contain phrases that contain a plus sign, but it can be written in any sequence.

Broad (Session-Based) – A broad match type that considers additional queries from the user’s search session.


So far, we have discussed What is PPC?. You have made a great start in the world of PPC with this blog. It covers which you’ll need to get start with or into as soon as your PPC accounts are setup. However, “always be testing” is the unofficial motto of the PPC industry. Using the account, make sure to test different features and methods. Every account is individual and will react to various aspects and methods in a unique way.

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