Features of R Programming

In this blog, We discuss some of the Features of R Programming. Hope this blog will help you for all freshers!!

R Programming:

R is a statistical programming language, which can be used for predictive analysis, storage, and data visualization. It is designed by Robert Gentleman from the University of New Zealand and Auckland. R is also a software environment used for documentation, statistical analysis, and data modeling. R allows integration with procedures written in. Net, C, Python, and C++, etc.

There is a high demand for R programmers in India, particularly start-ups and companies looking for cost-efficiency. They also use it for their Artificial Intelligence products. They use R programming to create observable figuring devices and information that deals with objects and to provide other information management services.

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Features of R programming

  • R programming is an important tool for implementing virtual statistical computation. It saves more time and gives error-free functioning.
  • R is an interrupted language. Users do not need a compiler to build a program from their code until they use it.
  •  R programming language is one of the highly compatible with different programming languages like Dot Net, Java, C, C++and FORTRAN.
  • R programming is necessary for data science, because of its versatility in the area of statistics. It is widely used in biology, genetics, and statistics.
  • R programming can run on several operating systems such as Macros, UNIX, and Windows. It has an effective data storage facility and data handling. 
  • R programming language supports data frames, lists, arrays, and matrix arithmetic.
  • R is also a vector-based programming language. A single command, allows users to perform several complex calculations and processes.

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