Applications of Machine Learning in Daily Life

Applications of Machine Learning


So, let’s discuss certain Machine Learning Applications. Machine learning is a popular topic in technology, and for clear reason is a major gain in the capacity of computers to learn. The rising demand for machine learning engineers is a result of developing technology and the production of huge volumes of data, or “Big Data.”

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Applications of Machine Learning

  • Traffic Alerts 
  • Social Media
  • Transportation and Commuting
  • Products Top tips
  • Virtual Personal Assistants

Traffic Alerts (Maps)

We need help with routes or traffic, Google Maps is likely the app we utilise. When I once used the freeway to get to another city, Maps advised me that I was on the fastest route despite the heavy traffic.

It consists of a mix of customers who are actively using the service, historical information on that route gathered over time, and a few tricks obtained from other businesses. Everyone who uses maps provides their location, average speed, and route, which in turn helps Google collect vast amounts of data on traffic and predict incoming traffic so they may modify your route accordingly.

Social Media (Facebook)

Automatic Friend Tagging Tips on Facebook or any other social media site are one of the most popular uses of machine learning. Facebook automatically locates a face that matches its database using face detection and image recognition, then advises that we tag that individual using DeepFace.

DeepFace, a project of Facebook’s Deep Learning division, recognises faces and determines who is in a photo. In similar, it offers Alt Tags (Alternative Tags) for photographs that have previously been posted to Facebook. If we look at the following image on Facebook, for instance, the alt-tag contains a description.

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Transportation and Commuting (Uber)

You have utilised machine learning to some level if you have ever used an app to order a cab. It offers a customised application that is unique to you. automatically locates you and offers options to travel home, to work, or to any other regular location based on your history and patterns.

For a more precise ETA prediction, a Machine Learning method is used on top of Historic Trip Data. When machine learning was used, delivery and pickup accuracy increased by 26%.

Products Top tips

Try finding out a product on Amazon without directly buying it. But the next day, as you’re watching YouTube videos, an advertisement for the same thing pops up. When you switch to Facebook, the advertisement is still there. What causes this, finally?

This occurs because Google records your search history and makes advertising offers based on that data. One of the most innovative uses of machine learning is this. In actuality, brands account for 35% of Amazon’s revenue.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual personal assistants, as the title implies, make the people access key data when they text or call. Here are a few examples of major machine learning applications:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Text to Speech Conversion
  • Automatic Language Detection
  • Speech to Text Conversion

With a simple query like, “What is my schedule for tomorrow?

either “Show my future Flights” or “.” Your personal assistant gathers information by searching for it or recalling questions you’ve asked in the past that are similar. Now, chatbots that are utilised in various restaurant ordering apps, online training websites, and commuter apps have come to use personal assistants.


I hope you now have gained a knowledge of the various uses and applications of machine learning in business and how beneficial it is to people. To learn more about regression in ML and Purpose of Machine Learning, join Machine Learning Course in Bangalore.