What Are The Five Strategies To Pass TOEFL Independent Writing Section?

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What Are The Five Strategies To Pass TOEFL Independent Writing Section?

You can enhance your score by employing some simple tactics. Today, I’ll share some ideas for how you might implement them. Some of these ideas may surprise you because they depart from what your English instructor taught you in school – but bear with me! I know what I’m discussing here and won’t lead you astray.

1)Practice timed writing before the test date

Writing an essay for English class versus writing on the day of the TOEFL are two very different experiences. With a class essay, you have plenty of time to think about your thoughts and adequately write them out.

Things change when a timer is involved. You must think quickly, write quickly, and correct your writing fast. You should practise this, especially if you need to improve your typing on a computer keyboard. Set a timer for thirty minutes and choose a topic. Try to write for the entire 30 minutes without pausing.

When the timer goes off, carefully read your writing to see how you did. How did you find your grammar? How many sentences could you come up with?

2)Think quality, not quantity

Short, well-written comments are acceptable. Many replies with 4 or 5 stars are simply one paragraph long. On the other hand, many lengthy comments receive only a two or a 3. Using transitions and straightforward language, you can put all your ideas and information into one section. Your rater will be very impressed.

If your response is too long, you will be rushed and unable to verify your grammar and vocabulary. You may also repeat yourself or offer extraneous details. Of course, keep your response brief to demonstrate your ability to create a compelling argument.

3)Learn basic sentences that you can use comfortably

TOEFL examiners assess your ability to construct various types of sentences. Make your toolkit of English connectors, such as “but,” “however,” and “although.” Create sentences and use them in your TOEFL response. Your response will not obtain a high grade if you solely utilise simple short sentences. You don’t have to be a grammatical expert but must demonstrate sentence diversity.

4)Brainstorm before you start your response

Before you begin writing your TOEFL response, establish a rough plan. Wait to start writing.

Instead, spend 1-3 minutes deciding what you’ll write about and brainstorming some justifications and examples. Again, you’ll generally have to select between two opposing viewpoints. Even if you sincerely disagree, it is essential to rapidly brainstorm both perspectives and evaluate which has the most justifications and details.

5)Edit your response if you have time

Even native speakers make grammatical errors in their writing, but we may uncover them if we reread our works. Try to save the last 1-3 minutes to correct your mistakes. Of course, the more grammar you learn, the better you’ll become at resolving and avoiding errors as you write, but anyone can see little typing errors (typos) that will lower your score.


This article will inform you about the five strategies to pass the TOEFL independent writing section. To learn more about the TOEFL writing section, join TOEFL Classes In Chennai at FITA Academy. Thus the five strategies are practice times writing before the test date, think quality, not quantity, learning the basic sentence that you can use comfortably,brainstorm before you start your response and edit your response if you have time.