Cross Browser Testing in Selenium


Cross browser testing with Selenium helps ensure that the web apps look and function alike irrespective of the browser that it is accessed from. Using Selenium, you may create test scripts in various programming languages, including Java, Python, PHP, etc. You may test your web applications on several browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. In this blog, we will discuss Cross Browser Testing in Selenium. Join FITA Academy at Selenium Training In Delhi aims to provide candidates with extensive knowledge and teach them how to select the right selenium tool.

What is Cross Browser Testing in Selenium?

Cross-browser testing evaluates a website performance across various browsers, such as IE, Chrome, and Firefox. The ability of a website or online application to operate across numerous operating systems and browsers is known as cross-browser compatibility.

However, manually checking a webpage with many browsers is quite a moment. Consider a scenario where 100 test cases need to be manually executed. Now expect having to run the same tests on five different browsers. The duration of time required increases exponentially. These tests can be run simultaneously and much more quickly if they are automated using Selenium. Additionally, it will prevent any issues brought on by human error. Also, to improve your skills in Selenium, enrol in Selenium Training In Mumbai, where we will learn about the right selenium tools.

Why is Cross Browser Testing Important?

While maintaining Open Web Standards, browser makers also have their interpretations. Thorough debugging a website’s source code does not ensure that the site will look and operate as intended on various browsers because they all render HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in different ways (or different versions of a single browser).

So the ability to abstract browser differences is up to web developers. Testing for cross-browser compatibility helps in this process by identifying similarity issues specific to a given browser and allowing for speedy debugging. It ensures that a website isn’t alienating a significant part of its target audience just because it isn’t compatible with its browser OS.

Read this article on cross-browser testing to learn more about the evaluated features, how to choose a browser, and when to conduct such testing. To learn more about the OOPS concepts in Selenium and gain more details about Selenium, apply Selenium Training In Kolkata.

Best practices to do Cross Browser Testing in Selenium:

The best practices should be followed while using Selenium to carry out cross-browser testing.

Choose libraries and frameworks cautiously:

Frameworks and libraries are necessary for web app testing. The most recent CSS frameworks can help produce the most vibrant and dynamic user experience. However, remember that since each browser has a different rendering engine, they might only be compatible with some browsers before starting development. Read browser guidelines to determine if they support the most recent CSS and JS libraries and frameworks before utilising them.

Use proper Javascript libraries and task runners:

Using the appropriate JavaScript resources that adhere to site specifications and provide cross-browser compatibility is essential since JavaScript plays a significant part in creating web apps. If you are interested in learning Selenium, you can apply for Selenium Training In Ahmedabad, which will provide good training and knowledge.

Optimise Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer does not support advanced CSS frameworks and styles. Even the most visually appealing website will likely have many design elements distorted when browsed with IE. Create a special stylesheet for IE and include a hack in the doctype to fix this.


So far, we have discussed Cross Browser Testing in Selenium. It is crucial since it ensures that the web application is compatible with all major browsers and provides a solid user experience everywhere. To understand selenium concepts, you can register for Selenium Training In Trivandrum, which focuses on providing good knowledge and training for exception handling, Selenium IDE, RC, etc.