Different types of data analysis for different industries

Big Data Hadoop

R, Rapid Miner, SQL, Python, Excel, KNIME, Hadoop, Tableau, SAS base, and Spark are some of the analytics software used in the industry. Among this software, a spark is a latest and highly used software. Let me see how Hadoop is useful in the healthcare industry, finance industry and in many industries for the research purposes.  Geonomics which is about the genetic research is yielding good result in the patients’ medical history. Genetic research is for personalization and to forecast the predictions for the future.  The partnership between the data bricks company and the R studio is bringing in so many changes in the R programming. Below I have explained briefly on the topic Different types of data analysis for different industries.

R program is simplified and process the large datasets. The use of tools and the auto-scale cloud-based clusters improves the data analysis models and provides improved results. The knowledge derived from Hadoop Training in Chennai is very helpful to clear the interviews. R is used for so many types of research like Facebook conducts the power analysis to know how the users use every new feature on the site. For research students, they publish their journal in R code which easies for the readers to read the research article. NodeXL is used for the social network analysis like facebook, twitter or linked in. There are so many tools available like this in the market for the data analysis. There are four types of data analysis they are descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analysis.

Descriptive analysis

This analysis provides raw data from multiple sources for the data analysis. This provides detailed information about the past as the consumer behavior, the demand for the product categories, the quality of the product etc. So, the data analysis company will use this as the primary method as it gives only the information not the detailed analysis into the data. Big Data Online Training is the best course for the students with data analysis interest.

Diagnostic analytics

This analysis shows the pattern of the data in the past business and compares the data with the historical data to get the desired result. For example, in the healthcare industry, the response level to a campaign about a medicine or treatment is very helpful to decide about the future plans. Join the Big Data Courses in Bangalore to get your dream job.

Predictive analytics

This is the combination of the first two types of analysis. It uses the data and the response level to analyze the future. The stability of the situation, data quantity, and the data quality are some of the factors which help to take the final decision after the analysis. This is helpful for branding. After considering so many factors only the business takes a big decision about their brand. Hadoop Training in Coimbatore provides you the practical knowledge about the coding and tools used for the data analysis.

Prescriptive analysis

This is about the problems associated with the future. This requires both the historical data and the external market information to decide about the business trends. This data analysis is used in so many ways in so many industries.